Monday, June 23, 2014

Carmacks to Dawson City. Bring a fuel can.

We knew that we were out of shape and that squatting 1000s of times in one day to pick morels would lead to a few sore days, but 
we had NO IDEA.

This quote hit home with us as we sorely hobbled around Dawson City after our day out picking mushrooms for money

We woke up late the morning after picking Morels and both whined upon rolling over. Laying on our quads, touching our thighs, HURT. We somehow maneuvered ourselves back onto the Africa Twin and headed back to Jon and Jenna’s to wash off yesterday’s hard-earned filth (yes, we slept like that - I know) and pack up the bikes.
We headed for Dawson City, intent to make it there by evening. We were a bit worried about the distance and the amount of daytime we had left, but when it became apparent that it was more painful to get off of the bikes than to keep riding, we had no trouble making it there in two go’s.

We stopped to refuel in Pelly Crossing. (I hate to say this in case it was a fluke, but maybe avoid refueling here if you can… my bike ran out of fuel 20% sooner than she should have. There was a bit of wind on the way to Dawson City, but nothing that would have counted for that much consumption.)

Dawson City was charming and quaint, and felt authentic in a way these old gold-rush towns often don’t. We treated ourselves to a bit of a splurge and had a nice dinner out (okay, okay, I had to have poutine at least once before we left Canada!) and ran into Jay, Mike and Jerry who we had met in Carmacks. 
Nevil's favorite bar: The Pit

There was live music pouring out of several bars and venues in town, but we had to check out The Pit, a bar Nevil had told us about in Canmore… Like everything Nevil has recommended, it didn’t disappoint :)

Finally ready to settle in for the evening, we took the ferry over to
the other side of the river (for free :) ) and checked out the lovely Yukon River Campground. While it was quite affordable, we still opted to ride a little further up the road and into the forest for some free camping.

View of the Yukon from the deck of the ferry

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