Thursday, October 16, 2014

Home Away from Home

Upon our return to Vancouver, Roel jetted off to the Netherlands and I slowly made my way to the East Coast of the US, which included a night spent atop a bench in O’Hare. Roel’s trip to get his visa was a success: much ado about a 25 minute interview with the US Embassy in the Hague. And I had a wonderful time visiting my family and enjoying the seasonal specialties in New England. :)

While home, I anxiously anticipated the arrival of the UPS man, until he finally showed up toting a large box from NEMO. While we were at the Overland Expo, I had spoken with a really cool laid back guy from The Raven Workshop who reps NEMO, and told him how much we’d love to do some product testing for NEMO as:

1. NEMO is a super cool brand from my home-region of New England, which is (and has been since it's inception) at the forefront of innovation, environmentalism and general bad-a$$ed-ness.

2. Their tag-line is ‘Adventure Anywhere,’ which couldn’t be more apropos for us.

3. I am sick and tired of waking up to a soggy bed every dang time it rains.

Well, much to my delight, Eric apparently thought what we are doing is pretty cool and went back to NEMO and told them such. So, we have a new home: the Losi 2 Person tent which will keep us sheltered, dry and well-ventilated. AND as soon as NEMO has new stock of their incredible sleeping pads, Eric is going to send those along to us, as well!

So naturally I went about setting up the tent (on the deck), which I’ll admit was a bit more of a challenge for me than setting up our Eureka tent which I am now able to set up in pitch black darkness. BUT in exchange for a few moments more in set-up, we’re getting incredible head room, 360 degrees of mesh through which to enjoy starry nights and sunrises and what I’m sure will be a water tight camping experience.

SO MUCH head room!

While I refuse to believe that women are sold on cars because of cup holders, I will admit that a gear caddy to hold bear spray, flashlights, etc. is a pretty nice feature :D

Never mind that the NEMO Losi only weighs a bit over 4lbs (2.2kg), packs down to almost half the size of our old tent and the green fly will allow us to more easily pursue our wild camping escapades… unnoticed :) (Again, we NEVER camp on posted private property and we ALWAYS leave a site better than we have found it.)

The Losi Pack

Now THAT is a pretty small pack size... room for more shoes, me thinks ;)

I love sleeping in my own soft pillow-topped bed, but I could not wait to get back to British Columbia and go camping!!!

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