Thursday, July 24, 2014

Homer to Anchorage. Nothing much to report, other than NEON algae?

Since my fingers are still sore from typing that last ride report, I’ll keep this one brief. Which will be easy, since there was not much to report about our ride back up the Kenai Peninsula to Anchorage.

We had pitched our tent along with Travis and Steven the night before, so we woke up, got to town, made our coffee and commenced with a little bike maintenance (Roel: brake pad changing; Steven: something mysterious that non-BMW riders like us are confounded by) before getting on the road to Anchorage.

The weather was lovely. Nice and warm and sunny: three major differences from the previous days.

We took the detour to Seward over Moose Pass (pretty, but not exactly what we had hoped for in a mountain pass, especially with several caravans blocking out way) and had lunch (grocery store bought sandwich bits), enjoying a picnic table by the sea, that we probably weren’t supposed to park next to.

But. Oops.

As we continued North, we saw something none of us had ever seen… the extremely low tide had made visible what appeared to be glowing neon algae. So cool!!!

We rolled into Anchorage that night, back to our “home-away-from-home” at Harley. We made a nice little group dinner (fun to cook for 4 rather than 2 for a change  ) and packed it in for the evening.

Kenai Peninsula. Check!

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