Monday, July 14, 2014

The Hazards of Stopping in Alaska

We are all quite familiar with the hazards involved with riding while in places like Alaska, etc....

Sometimes you're the windshield. Sometimes you're the bug. But you are always very happy to be wearing a full face helmet when you hit a bee at 65mph.

30 minutes in the car wash after riding Dalton still left the Transalp with numerous bug carcasses and tons of bug guts.

But the hazards of stopping in Alaska are numerous and vicious.

Even while stopping on the Dalton behind the pilot car, I kept my face shield closed rather than risk mosquitoes sneaking in.

Regardless of temperature, full KLiM gear and a head net were necessary for any time not spend riding faster than 5kph. I tended to leave on my helmet and gear to set up the tent.

Some people might say that the mosquitoes in Alaska are nothing special. I ask them: where else in the world do you wake up thinking it's raining, only to discover that such a racket has been caused by hundreds of mosquitoes bouncing on your rain fly?

Just sayin'.

Bring your deet, and use it like sunscreen. Apply liberally and often.

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