Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sorry we've been MIA... but we're baaaaccckk :)

Sorry for being MIA, guys. “Deadlines” crept us on us and all of the sudden we had some serious miles to cover in what seemed like an ever-shortening period of time!

So catching up with where we left off…

Per usual, our morning in Tok began with crawling out of the tent into the rain. Given that our suits needed a good rinse after our run-in with bison guts the evening prior, we had mixed feelings about this rain, but it still meant we needed to find shelter in Tok and let the tent dry while we had our breakfast.

While there we decided to “bite the bullet” and book our ferry tickets. It was a huge expense, BUT we had picked morel mushrooms for a day back in Carmacks in order to pay for the addition expense and we REALLY didn’t want to ride the Stewart Cassiar Highway back down to BC in the rain. It was now or never to book, lest we get to the ferry terminal and find out the ferries were all sold out, so we booked and crossed our fingers: We had about 24 hours to cover 438mi/704kms, cross two borders (Canada and then Alaska again) AND get a shower in somewhere before getting into a confined space (ferry movie theater, you know) with strangers we’d prefer to make friends with. Perhaps it doesn’t seem like much, but given that we don’t exceed 65mph/105kmh and are always slightly worried about our older, somewhat finicky bikes… we had our work cut out for us.

We hit some rainy spots throughout the day but almost as soon as the Alaska Highway brought us over the Canadian border into the Yukon, nature delighted us with some stunning weather (literally, we were pelted with hail as soon as we got our passports back from the Canadian border agent, but then the sun came out and the weather was glorious). Additionally, the road kept getting more and more beautiful and we enjoyed some incredible nature spotting along the way.

(Our first moose sighting in Canada, dispelling our long-held belief that Canadian Moose were the equivalent of the Unicorn ;) )

(Yes, that's a grizzly next to the highway)

We made dinner by a beautiful lake I no longer remember the name of (sorry) and as we headed off to get in a few more kilometers before resting for the evening, we simply had to stop and take in the sunset.

I can’t remember when we last ooooh-ed and ahhhhhh-ed so much… the stretch of the Alcan between the US/Canada border and Haines Junction was a treat. And we did find a nice flat spot to camp, far enough from the highway that the traffic noise only woke us a few times during the night.

The next morning, we made it to Haines, just in time to slip into the local pool and pay a couple of bucks for a nice hot shower.

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