Thursday, August 28, 2014

Juneau, Alaska

We woke to more pouring rain, which honestly didn’t inspire us to tour around Juneau too much. We headed into town and ducked into a local coffee shop with wifi where we checked e-mails and updated the website a bit. When we returned to the bikes across the street there were several people milling about and as soon as they saw that we belonged to the bikes, we were answering questions left and right. The cruise ships in port had just let their passengers loose on the souvenir shops of Juneau and apparently the bikes and us were a better attraction :) We met a lot of lovely people, but tore ourselves away from the great conversations and friendly faces with enough time left in Juneau to spot some bald eagles, visit Mendenhall Glacier and do some last minute shopping for meals and snacks to get us through the 36 hour voyage to Prince Rupert, British Colombia.

First ever porcupine sighting!!!

Juvenile Bald Eagle

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