Friday, September 26, 2014

Examples of bikers being bikers... paying it forward whenever we can... and instant (good) Karma...

The Africa Twin's power problem persisted but a mile after breaking down ourselves, we stopped to help these teenagers with a flat and a rusted spare on the 120-ish kms/75-ish mile stretch of gravel, potholes and no mobile service along the logging road between Lake Cowichan and Port Alberni.

The Africa Twin started back up, no problem, but 20 miles later the power began failing again. Keeping above 2,000rpms for the remaining 40ish miles, Roel managed to limp the AT to Port Alberni. We made it to the outskirts of town just as dark fell and the power completely failed at the top of the hill that leads to downtown Port Alberni. He coasted to the bottom where there happened to be a 24-hr gas station. Unable get the AT started again, and unwilling to abandon the bike in what seemed to be a seedy section of town, we set up camp at an abandoned diner next door and slept between the Transalp and the out-of-commission Twin.

Not exactly ideal, but our gratitude to be in a town and hence within reach of a mechanic overshadowed our surrounds completely.

(After month of intermittent power problems, Roel was finally able to determine that the Africa Twin needed a new battery... Done and done!)

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