Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Love Bikes. But I Love Boats, Too: Ferrying Back to BC.

(The bikes all lashed-down and sea-worthy)

We boarded the ferry to Prince Rupert, and Roel secured the bikes while I pulled everything off of the bikes that we would need for the next 36 hours: food, the tent, pads and bags (yes, we would be camping on the top deck) and all of our electronic gear.

(Provisions for 36 hours away from the bikes. Kinda like when normal people pack their bags for a weekend getaway, right?)

We raced to the Solarium on the top deck and were relieved to find that only a few others would be camping up there (we had been warned that it could completely fill up). As the ferry pulled away from Juneau, the sun came out and we got some stellar views of the inner passage as the ship continued on.

I basked in the idea that I would have nowhere to go for 36 hours. And so did Roel. We did some reading, I caught up on some blogging and we took tons of photos.... of whale pods, lighthouses, fog-shrouded mountains and even an iceberg, which WE DID NOT HIT!!

(I'm no Rose. Giving the OK sign after our captain (who we're pretty sure was inebriated) safely navigated around an iceberg.)

It felt like 36 hours of vacation and I cannot remember a recent time where I have felt more relaxed. I never thought my Dutch boyfriend, who has taught me SO much about frugality, would be brilliantly pleased with an experience that required the expenditure of a large sum of money.

Although we had worked a grueling day of mushroom picking in Carmacks, Yukon in order to pay for our ferry fare, while whale spotting from my seat in the sun lounge on the solarium deck, I couldn’t have been happier with the cost or the reward.

I love bikes. But I love boats, too.

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