Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Horizons Unlimited

As luck would have it, harvest began to die down the week before the Horizons Unlimited meeting in Yosemite was scheduled. We had been asked to present and knowing we would make it, we spent the week preparing the bike, our presentation and ourselves for the 6 hour ride to the meeting.

By the time we made it, we were sore, having clearly fallen very far out of shape, but we instantly found our friends, our riding family, and the soreness was replaced by laughter and was distracted from by meeting new riders from all over the world and hearing their stories.

Watching our friend Daniel hop a log was definite a highlight of the weekend!

Jimmy Lewis executing not-your-typical-burnout

We got to see Mark from KLiM and met his newest RTW riders, Seb and Kim Leeson (follow them at WanderingSouls.be) and catch up with Pete from Mosko Moto. We had both been thinking about the Mosko Moto bags since seeing them first at the Overland Expo and since Roel’s original dry bags had been chewed through by an ambitious squirrel after our granola, he’s been looking to replace them.

Seeing the bags actually on his bike was like watching a small child’s face light up at Christmas in front of the toy store: the Mosko Moto bags had been on his “list” and now he knew they would fit. Pete was also excited, because this would be a new “application” for the bags… one that it took a crazy Dutchman riding with a ridiculously heavily loaded bike to come up with :)

Look closely. No, that's not your imagination. And yes, this bike is outfitted with some interesting, ahem, farkles. This gal is taking feminine empowerment to a whoooooollllllleee new level
And she's also probably bringing driver AND rider distraction to a whole new level, too.

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