Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Paradise FOUND!!!

No really, the next morning we found paradise.

We woke up and had some fun with the GoPros to give Mike some extra time to pack up and picked him up at his campsite along the road and continued 45 kilometers to Mulege.

One of the more elaborate cemeteries we passed along the way.

It’s a quaint little town and we immediately encountered Mago’s Bakery with FAST wifi

This RR is brought to you by Mago's

After a few hours chatting with the owners, Mago and Robbin, and chatting with fellow customers, we had recommendations for camping areas south of Mulege around Bahía Concepción, and Roel and Chris (who we’d met at Horizons Unlimited in Mariposa, CA), had a very Mosko Meetup

Roel had met a Dutchie who told him that there would be a group of orphan kids visiting Coyote Beach, where they were camping, the next day to play in the water and use the kayaks and paddle boards of some of the campers. We figured at the very least, we could help in the water, but perhaps we could add some motorbike fun to the mix...
So we set out for Coyote Beach and thoroughly enjoyed the 20 mile ride to get there.

Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by many of the annual visitors to Coyote, and found a lovely palapa under which we could set up the NEMO and protect it from the sun.

Ahhhhh… this is the life.

Trip planning with a view...

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