Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Exploring Baja Sur: La Ventana y El Sargento

Ensenada de los Muertos (visible from El Sargento)

We headed for La Ventana from La Paz. Not a very long distance, but if you don’t exactly know where the road is that you’re looking for and there are no signs to be seen, it can take a very long time.

It was about this time that I learned the difference between “derecho” and “derecha” with directions. We were on a straight road and people kept telling us to go “Derecho, derecho, derecho y entonces izquierda.” Me thinking that derecho meant “right thought” - “What the heck! are these people trying to make us go in circles?!”

FYI, derechO means “straight.” DerechA means “right.”’

This explains quite a bit about a few of the other times we’ve gotten lost after I’ve asked for directions, and that one time I led us down a one way street. Oops

The potholes on the road to La Ventana from La Paz (BCS 286) are hard to miss - literally in some places :/

We finally made it to La Ventana, just in time for sunset and some playing in the rather deep sand that led to the beach with free camping in El Sargento.

Roel parked the Africa Twin in a rather unique (albeit unintentional) manner, and for the first time, I was able to touch the ground with both feet while sitting astride the AT

LOOK!!! Both feet are FLAT on the ground astride the Africa Twin!! This has NEVER happened before!

He was up, and then he was DOWN!! That's OK... it gave us the opportunity to shovel out a little more sand from under the tire.

In El Sargento, about a tenth of a mile after the sign for the town of El Sargento or two tenths of a mile after the Oxxo, is El Capitanes Taco Bar on the right. This is where we had the most tasty shrimp tacos. Seriously. Incredible. And it was VERY good value for money. Each taco was 22 pesos... so about $1.50 and the sides were abundant, tasty and fresh. If you are planning to visit La Ventana, GO THERE. You'll thank me

The soups were a complimentary surprise


The stuff morgasms are made of

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