Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sand Dancing in Todos Santos

Sunrise in El Sargento

Nothing like a little sand-riding to get the adrenaline going in the morning

Waking up on the beach at La Ventana was something I could easily have enjoyed for many a day. The sunrise was stunning and spending the morning doing yoga on the beach was just what I needed.

Beware of the "almost there" signs

We headed to El Triunfo from there, as we had it on very good authority that they make excellent scones in the cafe there. The road was quite a thrill, from cavernous potholes to road-wide sand drifts, but it became beautiful and curvy, soon enough.

El Triunfo Cafe was tasty and it was a cute little town. Good for a leg stretch before we headed to Todos Santos.

It's nice when you have options in Baja....

...because sometimes you don'tWhile riding down the main street of Todos Santos, we heard shouting from a cafe and there stood our friends Jelle and Debi from Coyote Beach, who we’d been hoping to run into, again. Deb toured me around the art galleries and shops of Todos Santos, including the Hotel California.

Benito, an extremely talented sculptor in Todos Santos

Chillin at THE Hotel California

And then we followed Deb and Jelle to a beautiful beach for some free camping. They warned us that they didn’t know what the road conditions would be like since the hurricane, so when we pulled off the highway on to loose dirt and a little sand, I was not surprised.

I was however, a little surprised when the road completely cut off and men working on the remaining stretch of the road directed us over 8+ inch sand grooves that only led to more 6-12 inch sand grooves. Which went of for a kilometer.

Lovely. NOT!!!

It was not easy going with the loads we have and given the fact that we were running the tires at street pressure.
For the first time in 8 months I dropped my bike. I’m proud to say that I made it through 1.5 kilometers of nasty sand before it happened, and I made it the remaining .5 kilometers without incident (not that it was pretty, and you can be sure I gave a mental finger to every surfer dude who flew by on a 250 with deflated nobby tires), but I did it.

And it made the beer Deb had waiting for me when we finally caught up to them on the beautiful beach all the more tasty. Same with the bottle of wine that followed

Roel was especially pleased as he found my "antics" in the sand to be rather amusing AND the Hepco & Becker rack and Gobi cases held up perfectly... Unlike the last time I "danced" with the sand in Arizona, when Roel had to spend the following morning banging out my aluminum Touratech cases and bending out my old rack.

A hard earned bottle of wine and my Hepco & Becker setup, still looking like new

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